Yamilette Cano

Professional Events' MC, Keynote Speaker, Moderator, and Host.

YAMILETTE, a woman of many talents, prides herself on the ability to command attention in any given room through the power of her voice, allowing her to be the dynamic and versatile public speaker that she is today. Yamilette speaks multiple languages; ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, PORTUGUESE, AND ITALIAN, which is a true testament to her high aptitude towards adapting and grasping new concepts with ease.

Born and raised in Mexico, at a very young age, Yamilette began her interest in public speaking through competitions and speaking at her local university radio station. Since arriving in Hong Kong in 2011, Yamilette has presented and spoken at countless venues and for clients of all types, ranging from government, conferences and exhibitions, corporate, private, charities, and even at outdoor sporting events in Hong Kong, Macao, and Europe.

She has graced many stages as the sole MC and, as well, alongside other counterparts who are English and Cantonese speaking. Notably, Yamilette is known to adapt and integrate to all types of events whether with a local or foreigner based audience and her graceful presence on and off-stage always makes
Yamilette one elegant MC choice!