Humid with a Chance of Fishballs Tours Limited

Eat through Hong Kong's culture, traditions and heritage!

Humid with a Chance of Fishball Tours (HCFT). If you like our name then you’ll like us!

Founded by Virginia Chan, a Canadian born Chinese, we are a small local independent company in Hong Kong specialising in food off-the-beaten path adventures to offer authentic and one in a lifetime experiences so tourists and expats alike can get a taste and glimpse of true local life in Hong Kong.

Our mission is simple. We want more people to learn more about Old Hong Kong and we use food as the platform so guests eat through Hong Kong’s culture, heritage and traditions with us!

We’re a small group of passionate Hong Kong-ers and HCFT has been featured in South China Morning Post, Time Out Hong Kong, The Michelin Guide’s Website, and most recently, Netflix! You can catch Virginia, titled the street food expert, on Restaurants on the Edge, airing worldwide on Netflix, in the second episode located in Hong Kong & on TripAdvisor, we’re currently ranked as one of the top food tours in Hong Kong!