Family-oriented coaching and training

UpBright is a boutique coaching and training company, created by parents for parents. Using combination of  practical and realistic tools backed up by years of scientific research and experience, UpBright guarantees to deliver you high-end services and products that are easy to put into practice. Great Positive Parenting Programmes and stand-alone webinar for parents and private coaching and consulting services.

“No matter what people tell you about becoming a parent, nothing really prepares you for the tsunami of raising children.

Raising kids is never simple and easy, the challenges just change with age. Have to admit, it is rarely boring either.

Sometimes parenting feels natural and things just fall into right places, and sometimes it can feel like an alien has landed in your house and it’s impossible to understand and hard to make any sort of contact.

As a parent myself, I understand the feelings you’re going through, so as a professional I have learned and filtered various theories and practices to deal with parenting issues in the “good enough” and balanced  way. Let me partner with you and share the best of the tools and techniques and together we can work to achieve brighter days ahead.

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