Prescription Food

Ordering your pet food and accessories online has never been easier.

Dr. Amanda Roddam has worked in Hong Kong since 1998, treating a wide range of companion animals and an ever-increasing range of exotic pets. She is committed to ongoing education, for both herself and her staff and has a particular interest in complementary therapy and pain management. She has post-graduate qualifications in small animal internal medicine, rabbit and rodent medicine, ophthalmology and acupuncture and rehabilitation.

In 2011, Dr. Amanda took over the ownership and management of Kowloon Veterinary Hospital. She soon discovered running a busy veterinary practise, looking after rehomed animals, having a family AND never having enough time in the day, started her obsession with online ordering . This led her to appreciating that many other busy, professional pet owners would be experiencing the same issues.

At the same time the world wide web became full of the mountains of mis-information in forums, websites and Blogs about animal products, pet food and animal health. It is very difficult for busy pet owners to know what is best and this confirmed the need for pet parents to have a reliable, veterinary recommended online shop.

Prescription Food Hong Kong is a sister company of Kowloon Veterinary Hospital and thus we are uniquely placed to offer prescription diet delivery to your pets in Hong Kong including Royal Canin and Hills veterinary diets and Sansimed.

Ordering your pet food and accessories online is convenient and you can be rest assured that your pet is receiving the only highest quality, veterinary selected products

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