Michelle Comrie

Tailored Brand and Business Strategy, Executive Coaching

Introducing Michelle Comrie :


Esthetic : Alchemy for Memorable, Profitable Brands, Companies and People.

We offer Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and established global Businesses tailored Brand and Business Strategy guidance.

We do this through highly customized consulting partnerships, Executive Coaching  and Team Facilitation and Skills Training Workshops.

People run business. Without motivated, confident people, the best processes and strategies will likely miss the mark, irrespective of budget and of the size of the opportunity.

As an ICF certified Executive Coach, Esthetic’s Founder and Creative Director, Michelle Comrie focuses on helping professionals at all stages of their career realign their true values with their purpose.

She helps agile, forward thinking companies do the same.

Her methodology defines the Strengths of people as individuals, or within teams.

Using those together she creates clear ROI-driven pathways to success.

Michelle connects Personal Transformation or Corporate Growth Goals, to tangible business outcomes.

Esthetic’s results have 2 specific characteristics:

They’re Measurable & they’re Guaranteed.

Michelle’s business background is as a Branding Strategist and Asia Sourcing expert.

For more than 25 years she’s had the pleasure to work with some of the most exquisitely crafted global brands and with some of the scrappiest start-ups, resulting in millions in top line revenue and clear runways to success.

She’s worked in a range of fascinating industries, from Fashion, Beauty, Tech and Consumer Goods, to a suite of Professional Services.

Michelle was lucky enough to have been born in Africa and to have lived all over the world.

So, she brings a sophisticated global perspective, and an insatiable curiosity to provoke people beyond their traditional thinking.

She’s been in the trenches, so  can quickly put myself in her client’s shoes.

This helps reveal underlying assumptions and missing viewpoints that can block really innovative solutions.

Esthetic specializes in 6 areas :

·    International Business and  Multicultural Team Challenges

·    Entrepreneurship

·    Millennials and Emerging Talent

·    High-Potential Women

·    Professionals in Leadership Roles engineering change through Others

·    Corporate Social Responsibility

Clients enjoy working with Michelle and the Esthetic team because the experience will be Confidential, Highly Personalized, Engaging and Collaborative.

The most rewarding part of what we do is to have a client call to say “Thank you.”

The client has grown, their business has grown and we’ve helped them do that.

That’s extremely rewarding. We look forward to working with you.