At the forefront of STEAM movement

If you‘re looking for a value-creating and trusted team of STEM & STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) pioneers with solid experience to provide engaging and impactful STEM learning for young children, we are the one.

Mochy Group (previously Mochy Kid) started as the pioneer focusing on STEM solutions in Hong Kong since 2013. Over the years, team Mochy has gained extensive experience in delivering STEM programmes and events to children age 3-14 (Grades K-8). We cultivate mental agility in and bring quality edutainment experience to our children by promoting play-based & inquiry-based learning with real life applications.

Our curriculum upholds the NGSS learning standard (e.g. MS-ETS1-4). STEM disciplines & learning theories have been incorporated into every lesson plan across our activities in a fun & engaging way, motivating our children to explore the STEM standards within their playtimes.

Team Mochy is cultured, passionate and versatile. We thrive on partnerships and are excited to learn about you and your guests / members. Whether you are an individual parent or a members’ club, we insist on providing you our 6-star service. The wish and happiness of our students are the guiding principles behind our every action.

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