Elsyung Consulting

Offer bespoke People Solutions and Development Programmes

Elsyung Consulting offers bespoke and holistic People Solutions, delivering meaningful impact to Companies. By developing teams to be highly engaged and capable, we help company owners focus their time on growing their business.

Being a dedicated Enterprise Doctor, our approach is to provide preventive and diagnostic advice to SMEs on how to grow or maintain their business through a sustainable approach. By spending only 20 minutes on our Excellence Benchmark Platform, SME owners can have a full assessment on the health of their People Management practices and receive a custom report to identify which areas they should focus on for their business to thrive.

We provide tailored learning and development workshops to improve efficiencies and elevate the capabilities of employees. Our “Balance of Life” program on promoting well-being and women empowerment in the organization works towards achieving the Yin and Yang in life.

Through working with your people, we help you achieve your business goals.

By following the values in Taoism, we drive our profits to purpose.