Pivot Point – Sarah the Pivoter

Re-Defining Success

Whether you are looking for support in your personal or professional life, Sarah the Pivoter is here to support you and act as your success partner. Transitions in life are difficult; I help people navigate life’s changes through emotional mastery, healthy boundaries and communication through my 1-1 coaching and workshops offered in the corporate setting and at schools, ranging from high school to post graduate.

My approach addresses the mind, body and soul to enable you to reframe and build new neural pathways through my research and utilising science-backed tools.

I help individuals get “unstuck” by teaching them how to embrace change and become comfortable with discomfort. Want to be calm in the face of any storm? Together we will uncover your next direction, address high-performing anxiety and explore how to access a growth mindset so you can create a strong foundation to support your life goals.

Technical skills can be taught but attitude is everything. Access your next level of success with Pivot Point. Get in touch and sign up to receive my blogs and podcasts at www.sarahkalmeta.com


I offer powerful individualised Energy Reset sessions designed for the busy professional, pivoting you from overwhelm into calm confidence.

Nervous system fried? I’m also a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese stress-reducing technique that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing the body and mind into balance.  A Reiki practitioner creates a supportive environment for the individual receiving, so that they can relax and feel nourished and at ease.  Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’, which is similar to the oxygen that is all around us.  Reiki has been found effective in treating hyper arousal, anxiety, panic and tension induced physical pain and is utilised by the US military.