Cuddle into an eco-friendly lifestyle

Pichoun started out as a dream. A dream envisioned by two lawyer mothers who wanted to create a different kind of wardrobe for the most precious members of their family; a wardrobe where everything is made from the best organic cotton, and the softest merino wool, all beautifully dyed with the best natural pigments, all while trying to protect the planet so the future generation can enjoy it.

Soon enough, they cross paths with a talented alchemist who turned their dreams into a reality – and there, Pichoun was born.

Pichoun is a kiddie lifestyle brand committed to creating positive change. By supporting grower communities, fair wages, zero tolerance to child labor, and work place gender equality, our goal is to design and create beautiful, ethical, and sustainable clothes made from organically-farmed, chemical-free cotton, Merino Wool processed from naturally-raised sheep, and dyes extracted from Natural Pigments.

Pichoun also takes pride on our “Out Grow, Reach Out, and Shop” program, where we, together with you, can help families all over the world with the gift of safe, sustainable, and comfortable clothing.

Here’s to Mother Earth, and for the future generation.

Feel Pichoun – Made with Love.