MQPR Women in Business Communications Programme

Expert communications that get results


I am an entrepreneur too. Using the expertise I have gained from working in PR and Marketing for nearly 25 years as well as building my own successful global PR business, I have created a Programme that will set serious female entrepreneurs up for success and financial growth. This Programme will ensure that your communications are more focused and effective before you embark on any brand design or marketing. It will also work for entrepreneurs looking to re-position their business,  pivot, or refine their existing activities.

The programme consists of five hourly sessions and will coach female entrepreneurs to develop a communications strategy that will cover:

· Identifying your strengths, passion, personality and purpose

· Brand values

· Brand voice

· Goals and objectives (vision and mission)

· Key messages

· Refining your target audiences in terms of demographics as well as noting their needs and desires

· SWOT analysis – brainstorming strengths, weaknesses, threats to business, and most importantly, identifying the opportunities you could take advantage of.

You will receive expert coaching from someone that became Head of Communications and a non-executive board member for a UK organisation in Scotland at the age of 32 and two years later moved to Hong Kong on her own, then launched her own successful PR agency in Hong Kong at the age of 38 gaining global clients including BASF, British Council, Economist Events, Emack & Bolio, Foodpanda, Informa, Kipling, Linkbynet, Scottish Government, and Weave Living, to name but a few.