Michelle Harris of Michelle Harris International

Author, Empowerment Mentor, Healer, Soul & Life Guidance Coach
    • 25 years experience and expertise in empowerment mentorship, healing, and intuitive guidance to empower you through life challenges.
    • Soul growth & development through transformative processes.
    • Founder/Channel of Dragon Healing Symbols System that re-balances and heals on multiple-levels.
    • Mindfulness, meditation and well-being pro0grams for staff and leadership teams at schools and organisations.
    • Effective solutions for adults, kids/teens and businesses.
    • Trail-blazed Womens Empowerment in HK through the popular Empowerment Dayfest events; offers specialised Women’s Retreats.
    • Founder The Empowerment School for kids/teens and Dayfest events.
    • Bridges an intuitive and practical approach, arming you with tools and strategies to apply in everyday life.
    • Master Healer and Teacher with students worldwide and an international client base.
    • Two-times Amazon best-selling author in compilations from inspiring women around the world.
    • Multi-award winning Healer, Coach, Women Leadership and Women of Wellness, and well-known in the local community

As one of HK’s original and in-demand healers, Michelle draws upon her inspiring journey to share her authentic teachings and discoveries developed through healing her own pain and trauma, and serving many clients worldwide.  Having gone through her experience from ‘Powerless to Empowered’, she is an advocate for Women’s Empowerment, and supports you to your full potential. She is also known for her deep work that creates lasting change, and guides you to greater peace, healing, understanding and Self discovery.