Joint Dynamics HK

Joint Dynamics, Hong Kong’s first multidisciplinary studio

We provide a bespoke approach to prevention and treatment of movement impairments and injury.

The approach to treatment and personal training has been developed to facilitate movement capability within each individual. By treating patients with strong assessment, state of the art interventions and the addition of restorative personal training, Joint Dynamics offers a complete musculoskeletal package for clients who suffer anything from chronic pain, to people in need of fine-tuning and those seeking to condition themselves in preparation for sports competitions. Joint Dynamics’ credo is “intelligent movement for life”.

Joint Dynamics can be your partner to a healthier body no matter where along the journey you come to us.

– Physiotherapy
– Massage Therapy
– Rehabilitation
– Personal Training
– Movement Training
– Strength Training
– Body Fat Loss
– Running and gait analysis
– Isolated Stretching