Inner Temple Healing Oils

After suffering from a frozen shoulder, a condition that left her in chronic pain and with lower quality of life, Shirley Budhrani embarked on a hunt for an effective remedy that led her to discover ancient holistic solutions.

She experimented with formulations and combined two age-old techniques, Ayuverda and aromatherapy, to create Inner Temple Healing Oils. Far from your standard essential oils, these hybrid oils are well-balanced remedies that soothe ailments such as headaches, sinus problems, flatulence, muscle tension, stiffness and more. They also promote healthy hair and skin.

What started out as four products is now an all-encompassing brand with more that 40 holistic head-to-toe healing solutions. Shirley is committed to reintroducing the Ayuverdic concept of Abhyanga, or self massage, to help cure a variety of ailments.

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