Easy English for Kids Ltd (EEK)

Where you play to learn

EEK – An Independent English Language Tutorial Centre

About EEK:
– EEK is an independent English language tutorial centre.
– Established in 2009, we have been teaching children for over a decade.
– Our focus is on providing high-quality English language education.

Programs and Services:
Private Tuition Classes:
– One-on-one English language classes tailored to individual needs.
– Personalized attention and customized learning plans.
– Flexible scheduling options.

Tailored Classes:
– Each class is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the children.
– Customized curriculum and teaching strategies.
– Targeted focus on areas requiring improvement.

Teaching Approach:
– Fun and interesting learning environment.
– Engaging teaching methods to keep students motivated.
– Interactive activities, games, and multimedia resources.
– Emphasis on building strong foundation in English language skills.

Benefits of Learning at EEK:
– Enjoyable and productive learning experience.
– Improved English language proficiency.
– Enhanced communication and comprehension skills.
– Boosted confidence in using the English language.