B Squared Design

A Boutique Residential Architectural + Interior Design Firm

B Squared Design is a boutique residential architectural and interior design firm. Together with its designers, it comprises a Cantonese-speaking project manager, trusted contractors, a full suite of handymen, carefully selected factories used to manufacture bespoke pieces, and long-term cultivated relationships with furniture shops throughout the region. Based in Hong Kong, but taking on projects worldwide, our goal is always to create an innovative response to our clients’ needs, while maintaining a balance between project requirements, budgets, and aspirations.

As Founder and Principal Designer, Britta Butler has extensive experience in residential interior architecture and design projects. With an undergraduate degree from Harvard and a Master’s degree in Architecture from MIT, Britta brings strong technical skills and thoughtful vision to all of her projects. With tremendous hands-on experience in a wide range of projects, Britta has in-depth knowledge and expertise on successful architectural and interior design execution in Hong Kong.